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Mobile Industry Predictions 2008

January 17, 2008

Chetan Sharma has released some findings from a survey of mobile and other industry people on interesting topics and trends in the global mobile market.

What makes this survey interesting is that it is from people in the industry from around the globe. So most of the major markets are covered.

Whilst there is some summary information in the report from 2007, the big picture themes of 2008 are shaping up. New disruptive entries into the mobile market such as Apple’s iPhone last year have kicked started initiatives from other organisations to accelerate the user experience race that should have been started years before.  The iPhone enigma has entrenched device manufacturers in a spin over having to create competitive retaliations to the iPhone instead of earlier ignorance is bliss attitudes.

The war on mobile is heating up and the battle is proving to be winning the hearts and minds of customers worldwide as device purchases are ever increasing over previous year purchases.

Head over to Chetan’s site and view the survey results here…


Posted by Shane Williamson

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