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10 Million subscribers battle away in World of Warcraft

January 24, 2008

image Wouldn’t you just love to be the guy who put the original concept of an Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft (WoW) today?

The fact that WoW has again reached an amazing milestone of over 10 million subscribers just shows the testament to the way Blizzard looks after their customers and the WoW franchise.

Whilst all 10m are not located in one online virtual universe, the power of 10m sword wielding, spear flinging, wand waving and basket weaving fans means for one very large global online community that must be fed and pampered constantly to keep them on board and more importantly filling Blizzard’s coffers with subscription gold.

Blizzard is the only games company that has translated a highly successful PC game franchise into a highly successful MMORPGimage and by doing so, has set some incredible goals for other MMORPG manufactures to dream about achieving, let alone even aim in completing.

It’s scary to think that with pulling in these subscriber numbers that WoW is no longer a game, it’s a living, breathing, socially active, exploding economic global giant in it’s own right.

Posted By Shane Williamson

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