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Microsoft Surface surfaces!

April 3, 2008

Surface_ATT_3827AT&T has announced on their site that they will be the first to deploy the cool new Microsoft technology in some of their stores in the US and it is being utilised to sell mobiles no less.

Starting April 17th, customers visiting AT&T stores in New York city, Atlanta, San Antonio and San Francisco can use the system to "learn about the growing universe of mobile applications and devices in a very personal and unique way".

Microsoft Surface uses sensors underneath the touch surface to recognise objects placed on it. Users can then learn and interact with the information presented to them about the object on the surface.

Mobile convergence is a key aspect of the user experience moving forward. The ability for mobiles to interact seamlessly with other input and output devices is paramount to extend the devices usability.

Microsoft Surface is just one way in how mobile convergence is becoming a reality.

AT&T’s press release here

The Microsoft Surface site is here


Thanks to Intomobile for the link

Posted by Shane Williamson

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