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Australian CNET’s new mobile home

April 29, 2008

Screenshot0005 has created a great mobile portal for their site. It is well designed mobile site with lots of information on all things gadgety, IT & home entertainment.

Having CNET’s reviews in the palm of your hand means you can get direct access to info on the latest technology whilst you are out and about.

The check prices function is handy for that quick price check on your new technology purchase giving you enhanced haggling powers. You will save bucks here, especially with the reviews attached to the prices so you can verify if what you are purchasing stacks up especially with access to user reviews.

The main website has setup up browser sniffing to redirect your mobile if you go directly to their site and the mobile variant uses the "m" standard for denoting a mobile site. This means you have the least text to enter via your mobile.

The site is a great example of how to design a mobile site that compliments their main site extremely well.

Oh and click away on the ads as they go to mobile formatted sites too!




Posted By Shane Williamson

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