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July 10, 2008
Nikita The Rottweiler Jr. Ringer T-Shirt

CafePress is staying true to it’s company’s business model by acquiring as the two companies are very synergistic. Creating a business that makes revenue from selling User Generated Content (UGC) is tricky at best, but CafePress and Imagekind have both nailed it.

CafePress is one of the greatest ways to make cash on the Internet by selling user generated content. I originally created my CafePress store as a demonstration that even a dog could have a website and make money. Whilst I did it as a jest, it wasn’t long before I got my first sale on the service and my dog was US$1 richer for it…. or more specifically her master was.

CafePress is a free online service that lets you tailor shirts, mugs and other merchandise with your brand, photography or even a campaign message that you want to advertise. As long as you own the intellectual property of the image or saying you can sell it on CafePress. The service then lets you add a prift margin to your stores branded merchandise. When you make a sale, Cafepress does the billing, manufacturing and shipping of your goods to your customer and you get the profit. There are no setup fees.Nikita The Rottweiler Mug

My dog’s site still gets the occasional sale and I don’t promote the site in any way (Except here of course), but this service is a powerful way to get your company merchandise printed without having to purchase bulk amounts and watch them waste away.

CafePress has a professional version of their service that allows more stores and greater flexibility in merchandise you can choose for a low service fee.

I’ve since used CafePress for marketing materials for a couple of the startups and business programs I have been involved in and even though the service is based in the US, the shipping fees are very reasonable and the products are a good quality.

So next time you hear someone criticise that you can’t make money from user generated content, just point them at CafePress and tell them to buy a Nikita mug! 🙂

CafePress –

Nikita’s store –

Imagekind –


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