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AdMob creates tailored iPhone mobile advertising

July 28, 2008

AdMob video showing different iPhone advertising options.

AdMob’s recently released numbers on iPhone usage for mobile sites has supported the company’s drive to develop an Apple iPhone specific mobile advertising system. The great user interface on the Apple iPhone empowers the mobile advertiser to deliver a richer customer experience.

AdMob has created various ways for customers to interact with advertising on the Apple iPhone including,

  • Maps – Users launch Google Maps and display store locations, services, or other business listings near that user’s location.
  • Video – Users view a video and share that video with friends.
  • iTunes – Users open the iTunes Store and purchase music or video content from iTunes.
  • Call – Users initiate a voice call, delivering targeted phone leads to your business.
  • Web – Users visit your iPhone Website.
  • Audio – Users listen to recorded or streaming audio content, including music, podcasts, and news.
  • Canvas – Users interact with your custom content from within a screen-sized canvas on any iPhone Website or Application.

AdMob’s iPhone advertising –


Posted By Shane Williamson

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