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The powerful influence of the humble cameraphone

September 6, 2008

image The cameraphone today is more prolific than both standard and digital cameras added together. The cameraphone is changing the way people produce and interact with media on a global scale. Even with lower megapixel versions of these devices people are happy to use their cameraphone in place of a higher resolution stand alone camera to snap up pictures and videos of friends and family.

Adding complexity to this growing phenomenon is the way people are now sharing their personal experiences in picture and film to anyone via the plethora of web 2.0 platforms that make it easy to publish them. Even the concept of "life streaming" whereby people can Twitter, Blog, Podcast or Vodcast their daily perambulations into other people’s lives is more prevalent now, all due to the pervasive cameraphone.

Telecom TV have this interesting video on how much the humble cameraphone is changing the way we use and produce digital media on a daily basis.

Posted By Shane Williamson

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