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Is RIM’s first ever Blackberry developer conference too little, too late?

September 22, 2008

Looks like Apple has forced the hand of RIM to rethink its mobile platform strategy. RIM has announced the details of its first ever Blackberry Developer Conference to be held in Santa Clara, California in the USA in October this year. Whist it is great to see the mobile device manufacturer take their developer program to the next level, one has to wonder if they are trying to fight a battle that they could already be losing.

Blackberry devices have been in the market for over 10 years so it is surprising that this is its first ever developer conference. Whilst many argue that they have single handedly taken mobile email technologies backwards due to the simplistic service they deliver, the 12 million plus users worldwide with Blackberry devices are a strong driver for many mobile developers to build for their devices.

With new contenders like the Apple iPhone rocking the mobile developer landscape, it’s getting very crowded and difficult for mobile developers to focus on only one or two mobile development platforms. Hopefully at this conference RIM will be changing their development model for their devices and start to show mobile developers a reason to hang around and not get swept away by the new entrants into the game.

Device manufacturers like RIM need to start thinking outside the box in how 3rd party companies develop for their devices. They need to start looking at creating hybrid development platforms that integrate both the device operating system and the network together to create a seamless service for customers. This gives telcos a huge opportunity here to develop a Telco-As-A-Service model to leverage their massive investments in carrier technologies so that mobile developers can take advantage of them to enhance their products and services.

Blackberry developer conference (20-22 October 2008) –

Posted By Shane Williamson

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