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Apple iPhone now the 4th top ranked mobile device.

October 20, 2008

image According to AdMob’s latest report for September 2008, the Apple iPhone is now #4 in the top 10 handsets worldwide that are hitting their ads in mobile sites & mobile applications.

With 35% of iPhone impressions to Admob mobile sites coming form outside the USA & UK, this shows the massive impact Apple’s expansion to other countries has had with the new 3G iPhone.

Whilst this is but one company’s data on device statistics, Admobs numbers are large enough to give a sizeable impression on what is happening with mobiles that browse sites and use applications that display advertising. Admob’s stats track over 6000 mobile sites and applications.

Another interesting statistic from AdMob is the 2nd largest country with traffic to Admob sites is Indonesia and it is catching up on the US very quickly.

The Admob MobileMetrics Report is here.

Via MobileCrunch

Posted By Shane Williamson

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