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One iPhone web conferencing application to rule them all.

November 14, 2008

PhoneTopp has announced the imminent arrival of their iPhone web conferencing application.

The impressive feature of this mobile application is that it allows the user to connect to various mainstream web conferencing product such as Microsoft Live Meeting & Cisco Webex.

The Phonetopp application uses cloud computing to deliver their service by utilising the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service that provides resizable server capacity.

Phonetopp’s press release included the following statistics……

An enterprise collaboration survey recently conducted by PhoneTopp via a web survey tool and deployed to over 15,000 Microsoft, WebEx, Adobe and Citrix customers revealed:

  • over 62 percent of respondents desired or strongly desired to participate in a web conference from their
  • over 57 percent of respondents participated in a web conference at least once a week

There is no live product as yet so it will be interesting once Phoetopp does become released to see how the user experience pans out. The fact that the company is launching their product on the iPhone first before any other smartphone device again demonstrates the importance of the user experience.

Phonetopp has also stated that they are looking to launch early next year and hope to sell the service for US$8 per month subscription.

Phonetopp’s website

Sign up for the beta here!

Posted By Shane Williamson

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