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Impressive mobile projectors at Cebit

May 13, 2009

1 year ago I was walking the halls of Cebit in Australia looking for a small projector that could be used with a mobile device and couldn’t find any. This year I found many devices being shown and a couple of them were quite impressively demonstrated. I’ll outline some details on two devices that I was impressed with.

The first is the Visimax distributed by Maxon Australia The Visimax looks to be a very robust and fully featured device, but being the top dollar of nearly AUS$500 it was the most expensive. Unfortunately the staff on the stand couldn’t demo the unit properly except to turn it on and show the onscreen menu. So, not sure what the image or video quality would be like.

Maxon Visimax

Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels
Brightness: 15 lumens
Light Source: LED
Battery: Yes (30 min projection time)

Price: AUS$495

The second device, The Digishow Handheld Projector ( was on display at two locations at Cebit, one showing it in full swing as a gaming console projector using the Digislide Gaming Xray mount ( and the other in the South Australian Government pavilion demonstrating attached to a Nokia N95. This device was most impressive due to how they were being demonstrated in the two scenarios. The image quality and brightness of the Digishow Handheld Projector was good especially since it was being shown on an open stand under the bright indoor lights.

Digishow Handheld Projector

Resolution: 640 x 480
Brightness: 8 ~ 10 lumens
Light Source: LED
Video: PAL & NTSC
Battery: Yes (up to 2 hours)

Price: AUS$399
The Digishow handheld Projector mounted on a Digislide Gaming XRAY speaker & projector mount on Xbox360.
The Digishow Handheld Projector attached to a Nokia N95.

Whilst the Visimax was the brightest at 15 lumens it has a very short battery life for such an expensive device. The Digishow Handheld Projector was by far the most impressive and a testament to it being demoed well in the two different areas. If you are a mobile professional and demo your product or service regularly on your mobile, then this is the must have sales accessory.

Posted by Shane Williamson

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