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Podcasting on mobiles? What a great idea!

April 18, 2005

I agree with Carlo Longino over at The Feature on making Podcasting available to mobiles. Longino’s comments on the issues around costs & carrier involvement are spot on.

3G carriers need to jump into this technolgy by using user created content as the driver, whilst removing the barriers of bit data charging and switch to per download or subscription charging and the users will create their own content, but more importantly, users will pay to listen/view it.

Luddites who look at Blogging & Podcasting as a fad aren’t seeing the power behind these services which are the revolutionary technologies that power them. The concepts of permalinks, syndication, search, peer validation/rating and user created content are the building blocks to some powerful consumer and business applications/services.

The Reality TV mass market has shown us that the general public like to watch and listen to other people’s "real" lives. Mobile devices are like mini broadcast systems with their ability to capture audio, still pictures and video. Life blogging with videoblog/podcast capabilities & the ability for users to rank these would be a whole new world of living with your mobile.

Make it easy to use META tags, search & catagorise these and it’s not long before you can see the business use as well.

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