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CeBIT in Australia

May 25, 2005

CeBIT Australia has been powering along the last 2 days and there has been a good number of attendees driving through the show. I have been quite impressed with the number of people coming through and the calibre of individuals approaching the stand. Having the 4 solution partners on the stand with us has attracted the attention of many an interested perambulator.

I haven’t had too much of an opportunity to go around the show as I have been mainly stuck on our stand, but I did take a quick look at some of the hardware manufacturers looking for a good large widescreen monitor for my new PC system that I’ve ordered. LG & Dell have some exceptional ones.

Today I was interviewed by Chia Seiler of Frost & Sullivan @ the show on the topic of 3G and the video will be available from VioCorp who did the webcasting on their CeBIT event site. (Titled "Webcast: 3G, Sponsored by VioCorp").

Of course today would have gone much better if I hadn’t been physically intercepted by an overzealous moronic bird, that decided to use my left eye as a landing strip as I was outdoors heading for the coffee shop. One short trip to the doctor and I was back in action with nare but a wee scratch. Yes, the bird had left it’s mark in the shape of a "7" scratched on my eye ball. Oh the dangers of looking for a good cup of coffee……..

Here’s some pictures of the stand taken with the Nokia 6680

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  1. Simon permalink
    May 26, 2005 11:14

    Good CeBIT report, albeit that it rather confirms that drinking coffee can be hazardous to ones health! My advice is stay in doors and stick to beer – if you do venture out then sip beverages slowly through a straw whilst wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet?Hope the eyeball is on the mend and looking forward to more from the front of Australian mobile services…

  2. Shane permalink
    May 26, 2005 23:24

    Thanks for the post. Yes, the eyeball was back in full action today. :-)And staying indoors to drink was the safest place to be on the last day!

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