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Interesting Survey on what customers want from 3G

May 27, 2005

Netimperative have an interesting survey of what I think is from the UK market (Someone let me know if this is incorrect) of what consumers would like to see enabled by 3G networks.

Now I’m not sure how much prompting goes on here with the people being surveyed, but I’m impressed with the number of services being heralded that are specific to digital identities.

Tomorrow’s Top Ten 3G Wish List

1 – Mobile coupon redemption
2 – Parking meter payment
3 – Loyalty cards
4 – Season tickets
5 – Credit/Debit cards
6 – Flight check-in
7 – Vending machine payment
8 – Retail checkout
9 – Marketing communications
10 – Using your mobile as a key

Over all there has been many discussions on how the mobile device will become a digital identity verifier as well as an electronic wallet. These converged services show a clear path to the device being used as an information retreival and distribution tool.

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