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SMH article today on Aussie Bloggers

May 31, 2005

The Sydney Morning Herald has an article in their Next (IT) section titled "Meet Joe Blogs" about the Australian Blogosphere.

Can’t believe they missed the Cameron Reillys, Mick Stanics & Frank Arrigos of the Aussie-Blog-Outback community.
They listed Whirlpool as a blog and it’s come a long way from the old forum system they used to have. Good news is that they have RSS and I have susbcribed to that feed now as the Whirlpool community is the best source for Australian broadband conversations (Though why no RSS tag on your front page guys??).

Great to see the Australian Blogosphere get a positive spin from the old media realm and it introduced me to some new blogs in other market conversations too.

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  1. cameronreilly permalink
    May 31, 2005 22:46

    meh, this guy deserves the credit! Whirlpool is a great site. Not sure I would call it a blog, but whatever. Good on him! When are you going to start a podcast, slackarse?

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