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3G & Podcasts & Dummies

June 28, 2005
But the big story here is that I can’t believe there’s an actual real friggin book on "Podcasting for Dummies"  listed on!?!?!? See here!
So, now that dummies are doing podcasting, it means it has become a mature mainstream technology!
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  1. Meeya permalink
    June 28, 2005 17:06

    just a question about your last blog. i thought that telstra and 3 had already merged, which ment that us 3 customers, already had better coverage then usual. is this true?Mia

  2. Shane permalink
    June 28, 2005 17:46

    Hi Mia. No they haven\’t merged, it is just an infrastructure sharing agreement. meaning that both carriers use the same towers, cells & network sites. Each carrier will still operate independantly. The joint venture that runs the network is operated by both companiesShane

  3. Brandon permalink
    July 2, 2005 17:17

    3G is coming for real in Malaysia, and I can\’t really believe it now because I am just not yet ready for it. I got a a Nokia 6610 for two years now and I haven\’t really even try on many of its features. Now am I suppose to ditch that (a very reliable phone) and move on with the technology bandwagon ?urg… this is really irritating sometimes.Anyway, Maxis is taking the lead.For more, please refer to link:

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