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While in the Australian market….

June 28, 2005
Here we go kiddies, hang on to your seats!
Australian IT has an article that Telstra is rolling out their in-house trial for 3G next Monday.
For those who have missed some of the local insight into this market, Telstra is the largest Telco in Australia (predominantly government run) and has bought into a 50:50 JV with Hutchison 3G Australia ("3") to share 3’s 3G network around the nation. The infrastructure deal gives Telstra direct access into an already mature 2 year old 3G network.
The article confirms that Telstra will be implementing its i-Mode portal into its 3G offering. This will be Telstra’s second 3G network that will run alongside their existing EV-DO service and will be referred to as “3GSM” to differentiate the two.
Once Optus & Vodafone step up the plate near the end of this year, Australia will have four commercial 3G carriers.
Industry Trivia: Who was the first 3G carrier in Australia? Well, it was actually a company called M-Net Corporation. 3 was the first commercial 3G carrier.
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