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DVB-H Trials in Sydney

July 20, 2005
The Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) is getting a work out In Sydney at the moment with the widescreen Nokia 7710 device and is attracting attention of many people including our cabbies!
The service allows users to use their mobile device as a mobile digital TV receiver. The user can switch through various channels just like their home TV. The trial in play utilises the exisiting cable TV content from the Foxtel cable TV network.
The sad part is that spokespeople are pitching this against 3G and even getting their facts screwed up like this one from Bridge Networks’ managing director Darren Kirsop-Frearson,

"If there is one [TV] channel and 10 people are accessing it through 3G, the quality goes down, but DVB-H is like a TV set so it doesn’t matter how many users you have got"

No, Mr Kirsop-Frearson you are wrong, the quality does not go down in 3G with increased users. Haven’t you heard of technologies such as multicasting?

DVB-H will be an exciting addition to mobile technologies as it gives live access to digital broadcasts. This type of service will be exceptional for breaking news events were users can view live feeds from cable channels.

I’ve heard many people in telcos & industry events say "People don’t want TV on their mobile", but frankly they are out of touch with customers and out of touch with were the devices are heading.

Widescreen devices such as the Nokia 7710 and the Sony PSP are enabling viewing of rich media content in mobile environments and giving customers the ability to watch what they want, when they want.

The recent London bombings bring this to clarity, that when people are mobile they need access to live information. Whether they are in the vacinity of the event or anywhere else in the world.

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