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July 20, 2005
A good friend of mine, Brenton Perry, has launched an interesting service that turn VOIP technologies into a clever ubiquitous service.
Brenton’s new business venture is called The concept is very cool in that you sign up to the service and you get a local Beijing telephone number that is routed to your US or Canada number (more countries to be added soon).  The person in China can then call you at a local fixed line rate.
This is a great service for those companies dealing with Chinese customers, but don’t have a local presence.


Costs: US$19.99 setup fee + US$19.99 per month & US$.14 per minute. is using VOIP services that hook into the Beijing PSTN system and redirect to servers in the USA, that then redirect the call to PSTN or mobile numbers in the USA or Canada.
This is a very clever use of the technology and it will be fascinating to see how the service is enhanced further.
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