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AVNotes breaks through onto 3 mobiles

May 18, 2006
Whilst working at Hutchison I met a great Australian software-as-a-service company called They had already ported their web based product to work on mobile devices. So it was great to see from last week’s CeBit here in Australia that they are finally going to be on Hutchison’s walled garden as a small business product.
From ITWire’s article
Hutchison Telecoms has launched, on its 3G network, a real-time, multi-user communication package aimed at SMBs with up to 50 employees, and a job dispatch application.
It is a web-based hosted application that enables businesses to access shared email, contact and calendar information via 3G mobile handsets. Features include: group calendar and scheduling; shared address book and contacts; messaging (email, SMS and instant messenger); shared file and image manager.
AVNotes have great, easy to use solutions, for small businesses. Especially for those wanting access to their information whilst away from their office.
I read here on ITWire that a version of their product will be launched in June for Hutchision 3G Australia subscribers for around AUS$1 per day.
AVNotes was one of the first Australian companies I met whilst at Hutchison, that got what 3G was all about. They had already ported their product across to mobile when I first met them and had done a great job of demonstrating how they understood what people wanted access to whilst they were mobile.
Key factors for developing for mobile devices that AVNotes demonstrate are,
  • Right information at the right time: knowing what information your subscribers will need access too
  • Easy access: Creating an easy to use interface and incorporating shortened menus and usability of the devices .
  • Light data usage: Just because you have a fat data pipe doesn’t mean you have to abuse it by creating heavy graphic interfaces. Ensure you have options that can filter heavy data use, but allow flexibility for users to change for their requirements.

AVNotes has extended their product family a long way since I first came across their product a couple of years back and are testament to deploying as a software service platform company.

Great to see momentum locally on small business 3G applications.

Congratulations to the guys!


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