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3G Video calling needs applications to succeed.

May 30, 2006
Many people see 3G video calling as the poor brother to high speed data within the 3G portfolio as there has been very slow momentum in user’s take up.
Companies such as Mobestar in Europe are adding cool functionality to video calling such as their mDate dating product that incorporates anonymous live voice & video calls. mDate is the first live video calling dating service that operates "pan-European" or allows inter country video calling. (Now isn’t that a Geographically Impossible Relationship!?!?)
Applications such as mDate will drive 3G video calling usage and the majority of them will come from 3rd party vendors such as Mobestar.
Considering that there are projected figures for 100m 3G subscribers in Europe by 2008, we will see more 3rd party applications driving vanilla 3G services in the near future.
Mobestar’s website
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