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Watching full length TV shows on Mobile TV.

August 30, 2006
I say, let the customers using the technology decide. Speculating on what customers will or won’t use MobileTV for is negligible unless you back it with real world trial or usage data. In recent trials that I have blogged about, there are findings that go against how companies thought their customers would initially use the product. An example of this is how in the UK trial in Oxford they found a large percentage of customers were watching MobileTV whilst at home.  
Long-form MobileTV (typically viewing times of over 30min) does work just as well as short-form content. The key to MobileTV content is utilising the correct content mix not just for the customer base as a whole, but specific to your high ARPU MobileTV subscribers.
MobileTV will take 2 basic forms, passive and interactive. The two types will be heavily biased to customer types and therefore relevance of the content mix delivered to these customers is paramount.
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