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Robert Scoble forgets he’s a filter, but so do businesses

September 28, 2006
I noticed Robert Scoble lamenting on his Blog that the technology world can get so overwhelming that it is hard to keep up, especially when you are an A-list Blogger. Scoble gets so much attention that his inbox is full of companies saying stuff like "blog about me! blog about me!" as they know getting "Scobalised" means huge hits to their online presence.
Scoble therefore is looking for filters, or "human filters" as he calls them. What he fails to register is that he is a human filter too!
One of the powerful aspects of the technologies behind Blogging is that they help with creating a human filter system for information. Companies can gain huge benefits by implementing Blogging technologies that can store what I call the Business Memory, permanently on their network for future access by their employees or partner organisations.
How many times have you started a new project or research into something within your own company where you thought "Maybe someone else has already done this?" The problem is that a lot of that information is either backed up and unsearchable, segregated away on a unreachable hard drive or walked out the door with the employee when they changed roles or changed companies.
Basic Blogging helps humans filter information. Of course there are many Blogs out there regurgitating so much crap to maintain the status quo that you need other Blogs to filter them too. In the end it’s all about trust. You trust a source for information until they do something that losses that trust. Blogging is the human face of Internet search engines.
Blogging is not just about the Internet and personal opinions. Blogging is about accessing filtered, relevant, trusted information that is permanently stored, update-able and search-able.
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