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Double HSDPA dueling in Australia by Christmas

October 4, 2006
Vodafone has fired a shot across Telstra’s bow today with the announcement that they too are releasing their HSDPA network to the public this year, on October 20th. Speculation still abounds that Telstra will still beat them to the mark by launching their 3.5G 850Mhz network within the next 2 weeks, some even stating this Friday. The great news for users is that there will be two HSDPA networks to choose from for the stocking this Christmas.
Competition is a wonderful thing, but even with these two telcos thrashing their new mobile broadband networks in Australia, we will still be charged an arm and a leg for access as they price high to grab the early adopters and keep the networks from being overloaded too quickly with heavy data users.
Vodafone is only launching with one data card, but hinting at some Lenovo notebooks that may be in play too.
Debates over the actual data speeds other than those being marketed by the companies are heating up, but both networks will easily be able to achieve mobile data speeds of over 1mb/s and in my books that’s juicy mobile broadband goodness!
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