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European Union exceeds 100% mobile penetration.

April 14, 2007

3GEurope has this detailed article about the state of play of telecommunications in the European Union (EU). The EU surpassed the 100% mobile penetration mark of their entire population with over 480 million mobile subscribers in the European Union. The report also mentions that there were just over 45M 3G subscribers at the time of the report (October 2006).

As a reference…..

  • Approx 230m mobile subscribers in the US
  • Approx 100m mobile subscribers in Japan
  • Approx 18m mobile subscribers in Australia

Mobile subscription penetration of the world’s population is currently at just over 40% and it is expected that with the current uptake that by the end of 2007 there will be over 3B mobile subscribers worldwide.


Posted by Shane Williamson.
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