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Google consuming the Internet in large cashy chunks

April 14, 2007
Google’s purchase of Doubleclick for US$3.1B in cash looks to be a brute force play at keeping their competition further behind.
This US$300m in turnover Internet advertising company which was previously purchased by a private equity company a couple of years back for US$1.1B was eventually consumed by Google in a bidding war that has been on going for a few months. Surprisingly though, after the initial purchase by the private equity company they sold off part of Doubleclick for approx US$500m, so even with the new acquisitions such as Falk, Tangozebra & Klipmart it seems the play for Doubleclick is to keep the competition at bay.
I guess Google is an advertising company and not a search one after all…..
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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