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2Clix stupidity in legal action against Whirlpool Forums reveals bigger problems with their products

October 6, 2007

2Clix became the latest Blog victim when their idiotic attempt at legal action against the founder of the Australian Whirlpool forums, Mr Simon Wright, when the legal action against a negative post on the Whirlpool Forum site revealed a lot of very unhappy customers with the 2Clix product.

Whirlpool is an online community that was originally setup to help online users by creating an Australian broadband community site where users can share their experiences, good and bad, with other members. Whirlpool has since grown into one, if not the, largest online community site for all things online related. It is a great example of a long lived volunteer online community that has gone from strength to strength.

2Clix will now be remembered for their thoughtless act of stupidity and will no doubt be used as an example time and time again to others that the old Cluetrain adage of "Markets are conversations" is a live and well.

Googling "2Clix" today shows the 5th from top listing titled "2Clix or Not 2Clix?"…..

The overwhelming support Whirlpool got from it’s forum members and the power of the Blogging community swinging into action has finally made 2Clix back down

Never cross swords with an online community……… especially one that bites back.

Join Whirlpool! 🙂

Posted By Shane Williamson

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