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Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance (MEGA) = Australian mobile industry development

January 8, 2008

image MEGA has officially kicked off it’s national program for Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide with a series of workshops to guide mobile innovators in planning, producing and if successful, launching their mobile brainchild to market.

The Mobile Enterprise Growth Alliance is an industry-led initiative developed to expand the capacity and capabilities of the Australian mobile industry.

There are four key objectives of the MEGA project:

1. New Business and Workforce Development Program
2. Industry Ready Graduates
3. Business Development Program
4. Export Development Program

During the first half of 2008, in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, the MEGA project will see eight project teams develop concepts to culminate in a professional pitch day of innovative and commercially-viable intellectually property for potential investment and export.

With support from industry and the government the series of workshops, access to industry mentors and development guidance to create mobile applications and services is a winning combination that has it’s early foundations from within South Australia.

MEGA is currently looking for sponsors and candidates to participate for 2008. So head over to to register your interest in the initiative or to sign up for their February 2008 intake.

Posted by Shane Williamson

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