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Mobile Monday Sydney for January 2008 shows the Power and the Passion.

January 8, 2008

07012008095 Another great evening at Mobile Monday Sydney last night with over 100 people turning up to a January time frame event that illuminates the underlying momentum 2008 has with the mobile industry. It is looking like this year will be a big one for mobile in Australia as the buzz on the ground is there is a lot of hope and potential in the local market seeing some big changes with further drops in mobile broadband data charges as well as larger growth in operating system based mobiles or smart-phones that allow a greater level of open flexibility in mobile development.

Forum Nokia sponsored the evening and Business Development Manager Gary Chan from Nokia Singapore presented an interesting session on what is happening about mobile development and Web 2.0.

Later in the evening there was a great panel session with different parts of the industry represented, that discussed some heated topics around current mobile development. These discussions uncovered a passionate group within the local mobile community that exists within Australia, but also uncovered some myopic views of what successful mobile development means. Having one individual specify that there would never be a better killer application than voice on mobile is a good example of this. These discussions reminded me strongly of the passionate industry we have here in Australia, all be it in some areas a bit misguided.

If you are developing in mobile it is imperative that you understand the market you are developing for more than the technology you are investing your time and money in. Not understanding how, what & why the market will acquire/need/use your mobile innovation could greatly jeapordise your company’s successful outcome.

I truly hope that 2008 is a smashing success for everyone in the mobile industry as it will drive the innovation to exciting new heights.

Posted by Shane Williamson

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