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Telstra’s CEO promises mobile data download speeds of 42Mbps by 2009.

February 18, 2008

Hearing Telstra’s CEO @ 3GSM in Barcelona taut their new impressive 3.5G network statistics, might make you believe that they were the first to bring the technology to Australia. The fact is that Telstra was dragged into 3G kicking and screaming by the local disruptive new-kid-on-the-block mobile carrier 3, which forced them into a network sharing agreement with the new competitive up start.

Although Telstra may have started feebly with 3G, they are aiming to lead the way with establishing a clear direction in becoming the largest & fastest 3G based network in Australia.

Telstra’s recent announcement has them promising data download speeds on their 3.5G network of 42Mbps by 2009 and with access to 99 per cent of the population that’s an impressive mobile broadband  network.

With 3G subscriber revenue exceeding their 2G base in the December 2007 quarter, Telstra’s statistics are proving that deploying a pervasive mobile broadband 3G network empowers users to explore data & video services versus just using a mobile for voice.

Some other interesting facts from the presentation…..

  • As at January 2008 38% of all Telstra mobile subscribers were on 3G
  • ARPU differential of 3G over 2G users is AUS$20
  • Data accounted for 30% mobile services revenue (6 months to Dec 07)
  • At December 31, 2007, more than 70,000 3G customers were monthly subscribers to Telstra’s Mobile FOXTEL service with each subscriber watching about 54 minutes a month and spending almost A$11 a month.

 Posted by Shane Williamson

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