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Symbian operating system dominating mobile smart devices

February 25, 2008

image Symbian have announced their 2007 financial reports and the figures are showing a strong year on year growth of mobile devices using their various types of mobile operating systems.

As at December 2007 there was a total of 77.3 million Symbian enabled devices sold comprising of 141 different types of mobiles, of which,

  • 49 (72%) were based on Symbian OS v9,
  • 46 (68%) for use on W-CDMA/ HSDPA (3G) and
  • 20 (29%) were GPS enabled

The other big stat reported is that there are over 8736 third-party developed applications that are available today to run on these devices. That’s an impressive mobile developer ecosystem.

For mobile developers this is a good sign to see feature rich mobile operating systems growing their market share of the available development platforms for mobile.

One interesting stat you won’t find anywhere is the development of Web 2.0 type "in-the-cloud" services or applications that don’t use a code footprint on the mobile other than what is used by the mobile browser.

The future of mobile is held in full featured open mobile operating systems such as Symbian that allow developers to take every advantage of the devices they are creating solutions for and not locking them out.

Posted By Shane Williamson

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