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Apple controlling access to 3rd party iPhone applications

March 25, 2008

Some heat is arising around how Apple may be restricting application development on the iPhone, particularly around music applications. Frankly, this is more a moral high ground then a legal issue one as some would have it. So what, if Apple refuses some applications that may compete with theirs? Apple’s track record shows this is status quo. It’s not the only device in the market is it? You’d think so the way some mobile developers are crying foul.

Just because Apple chooses not to open the device fully to the mobile developer community doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Remember that Apple has constantly demonstrated to their developer community that it’s Apple’s way or the highway if you want to play ball on their platforms. Why should their iPhone be any different?

The Apple iPhone’s outstanding user experience comes at a cost, that cost is a restrictive controlled development environment. Whilst to date, that control has been draconian in that they haven’t allowed any 3rd party applications. The pressure is mounting for them to open the platform, albeit damn slowly.

The Apple iPhone SDK has been released and there will be an application store on the device in the not to distant future. So whilst these initiatives are heading in the right direction, mobile developers should take heed that Apple will not allow 3rd parties to threaten their cash cows, especially their all singing all dancing ones. 🙂

Posted By Shane Williamson

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