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Google Gears beta for mobile released, but only for Windows Mobile!?!?!

March 5, 2008

Google has announced their first foray into mobile for Google Gears ver 0.2. Google Gears is an off-line web application technology that empowers developers to create off-line server and database capability into web applications.

Google Gears 0.2 for mobile is way overdue, but it is a little surprising to see Google backing Microsoft’s mobile OS over Symbian for it’s entry level into mobile. This is extremely interesting considering that both companies are aggressive competitors.

Google Gears 0.2 is available for Windows Mobile ver 5 & 6 devices. The great news is that if you have already created a Google Gears app for the PC you can very easily port it to operate in the mobile environment as long as it is not trying to access non mobile device functionality.

Google Gears site –

Google Gears Developer site –

Posted By Shane Williamson

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