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Virtual world data centers take Virtualisation to new exciting heights.

March 10, 2008

IBM has announced a new innovative way to manage large data centers, via a virtual world interface. 🙂

This video shows how an administrator is able to not only work and operate the data center, but be alerted of any issues in a visual way. For instance if servers are running at too high temperatures, the admin may then be shown a red haze coming from the virtual representation of the server.

This is fantastic to see this type of innovation beginning to become mainstream especially since there have been so many negative comments as to why companies like IBM were experimenting in Second Life and other virtual world environments. Virtualisation is a major buzz word in IT at the moment, but companies such as VMware only focus on a small component

Creating such a innovative interface to managing complex environments enables users to interact with their business environments from many varied locations. The power of employees being able to time & place shift their work environment will be key to how businesses retain staff moving forward.

I can’t wait to see these types of user interfaces being used to manage mobile sales and work forces.

IBM Press release

Posted By Shane Williamson

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