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WiMAX Vs UMTS & Australian IT manufacturers

March 10, 2008

imageInteresting comments in Communications Day about how Netcomm Australia is backing 3G over WiMAX for 3G wireless especially for so many Australians that cannot access ADSL or other fixed line broadband.

The WiMAX Vs UMTS (3G) debate rages on still, even though many would say the battle ended in UMTS’s favour ages ago. IT companies such as Netcomm Australia are backing one wireless standard over the other for potential market versus taking sides in a wireless standards based war.

With these 2 behemoth wireless standards I don’t believe it is a decision of one over the other, as both have their pros and cons for different deployment scenarios. The more important choice is can you have the ability for both to work cohesively together.

The killer wireless technology is convergence. Mobile devices that give customers the ability to access multiple wireless standards will be standard moving forward. The carrier that understands this and implements seamless roaming will create a unique user experience.

Netcomm currently have a 3G enabled WiFi router that you can plug an existing 3G/3.5G data card into for around AUS$300.

Netcomm 3G Router with 54Mbps Wireless –

Posted by Shane Williamson

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